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I am starting from scratch. The only time I have made pancakes is on pancake day growing up. So I am no expert.

This all started off as a day dream of me having a pancake stall and relaxing listening to great music and taking it easy, interacting with customers and doing as many fun pancake related things as possible. However, I have a long way to go and a lot to learn.

So my plan is to learn as much as possible about pancakes – different types (pancakes, crepes, american pancakes, scotch pancakes), different ingredients, cooking styles, a variety of recipes, and a plethora of topping combinations.

Then blog about it.

I have only ever had Myspace (years ago!) and Facebook for social media until February this year. I now have a Facebook page, Instergram, Twitter, Pinterest, Vine and a YouTube channel. I am throwing myself into this and learning as I go, so this should keep me busy!

I would love to hear about anything pancake related, especially new ingredients and toppings. In January I thought about putting haggis on a pancake to celebrate Burn’s night, so honestly all ideas are welcome!



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