Let’s get started!

I have been waiting to order a pancake maker for months and waiting days to finally open the package.

I am starting completely from scratch.

There are so many recipes online and in cook books about how to make the best pancake mix, but this is something I want to get right myself, something I can perfect in my own way. Of course, this is not a recipe I am going to get right first time.

I kept it simple: plain flour, 3 eggs and milk.

I cant even tell you the measurements because I didnt bother! I forgot to sieve the flour and I only had a fork to mix it with. The end result was a lumpy mess of liquid with small pockets of flour, which could easily be seen in the end product!

That mess which I created is not all down to the mix. It was my first time using a crepe maker, understanding the temperatures and how much mixture to place on top. I had a look online and spent a long time trolling through reviews and comments – and of course only searching for a pancake maker which was within my low budget. This one cost £31 from Amazon and had strong reviews.

So every time I tried to make a new pancake I would make the mix a little smoother and place a little more mixture on the pan. Nevertheless, I still had to learn how to spread it evenly and luckily this pancake maker has a raised edge so it is difficult to spill.


On attempt five you could see some progress! I have a long way to go still with the recipe, quantity, temperature and efficiency – one little step at a time.

Trying to make the logo was messier then I thought. When I purchased the chocolate sauce I thought it could go on anything, not just ice cream. As I soon discovered the simple error, the pancake needs to be cold for the chocolate sauce to stay in place. Simple I know! Next time hopefully I will have more time and the pancake can cool and the chocolate can set to eventually produce my logo.

So this is my first go! Stay with me as I progress and develop my pancake skills trying out all your ideas which you throw at me.



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